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From "David Molloy" <>
Subject Sharing Authorization Between TC4 + Apache
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 08:52:18 GMT
I am currently working on a project where users log into a
Tomcat servlet-based system, which does numerous wonderful 
things :)  However, one additional thing I would like to 
implement is to allow users authorized through the servlets
(using sessions etc.) to be also authorized for various apache
secure pages.  There are numerous reasons why those pages 
must remain on Apache and I haven't got TC4 and Apache linked
as yet (not sure if it's widely done as yet). 

Is there any way of passing htpasswd authorization from a 
servlet to Apache or any clever way of doing it?  Essentially,
I would like the htpasswd dialogs to be transparent if the
correct person is logged into the servlet system.  Any ideas


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