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From "Jack Rudnick" <>
Subject Tomcat 3.2.3 and IIS5
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 15:05:40 GMT
I just wanted to post a followup to my previous question.

I have followed the Tomcat + IIS howto on posted on the tomcat site
exactly (as I previously stated).  This time I attempted it on a clean
Win2000 box with no service packs, I used JDK 1.3.1, tomcat 3.2.3 and
the isapi_redirect.dll.

It does not work.  All I want to do is hit
http://localhost/examples/jsp/index.html (as it says I should be able to
in the tomcat iss how to) but it does not find the page, in addition I
recieve this error:

[jk_uri_worker_map.c (335)]: jk_uri_worker_map_t::uri_worker_map_close,
NULL parameter [jk_uri_worker_map.c (185)]: In
jk_uri_worker_map_t::uri_worker_map_free, NULL parameters I would

Also, My registry is correct, My redirect filter is green and everything
has been followed specifically according to the how to.

Is something wrong with the redirect.dll??  Or is maybe something not
right with my or

I'm at a loss, has anybody actually integreted Tomcat 3.2.3 with IIS5 on

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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