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From Ralph Einfeldt <>
Subject AW: request replication
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 06:23:05 GMT

I'm not shure if I unstood your description.
Especially the relation between the jsp and 
the servlet.

Is the jsp just a page that holds an anchor
to the servlet, or do you have a jsp that
forwards to a servlet?

If the second option is true, I have no idea.
If the first option is true, this might help:

Serving PDF is not as easy as you might think at 
the first glance. The Acrobat Reader sometimes
uses features of the HTTP 1.1 protocol (e.g byte 
range requests), so your servlet has to deal with
that if it is invoked by a web server which talks 
HTTP 1.1 with the browser. If the Acrobat Reader 
uses this features you will get more than one 
request for one document.

Two ways to deal with that:
Either make shure that your servlet tells Acrobat 
to use HTTP 1.0 by setting the right headers in the 
response or implement the needed features. (For the
later have a look at the source of tomcat 4.0)

> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Michael Wentzel []
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 9. August 2001 17:34
> An: ''
> Betreff: Q: request replication
> I am having a unique situation pop up.  It's some
> kind of concurrency issue but I can't figure out
> what's causing it.  I am generating PDFs in a servlet
> and a single request to the servlet works fine but
> if two users request a PDF at "roughly" the same time
> then the adobe plugin appears to get confused and
> doesn't display the generated file.  Each users request
> is actually getting made 3 times(using the same request
> object) to generate 3 unique files(servlet generates
> unique file ids).  I have removed AutoSetup 
> ContextInterceptor so there is
> only one instance of the servlet and the jsp calling the 
> servlet is only
> making a single request.  The first request for each PDF has 
> a Referer and a
> request.getRequestURI() each subsequent(duplicate) request 
> does not have a
> Referer.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> TC 3.2
> Win2K
> Sun JDK 1.2
> ---
> Michael Wentzel
> Software Developer
> <a href="">Software As We Think</a>

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