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From Randy Layman <>
Subject TC 3.3-b1 Bug?
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2001 20:16:58 GMT

	Today while diagnosing a problem with our latest project, I noticed
something about the case sensitivity.  If you have an application (we'll
call is ACE), and a directory in it called management, then:
	1.  http://localhost:8080/ACE/management/index.html gives me the
correct page
	2.  http://localhost:8080/ACE/Management/index.html gives me 404
like it should
	3.  http://localhost:8080/ace/management/index.html gives the same
page as #1, however any cookies that are set (including the jsessionid) can
not be retrieved.

	I believe there is a bug in here somewhere - either
	a.  #3 should give a 404 or
	b.  cookies set from #3 should be available.

	The code for this is Tomcat 3.3-b1 downloaded from the website
sometime this week, using Java 1.3 on a Win2000 machine.


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