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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: how many visits can tomcat deal with
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2001 11:21:13 GMT

	When dealing with dynamic content (which is why you're using Tomcat)
its usually what you are doing with each request that adds more load to the
computer than  Tomcat dealing with the request itself.

	So, the answer to your question is it really depends on what you're
doing and the capabilities of the machine that you're working with.  In one
application that we worked on, just one request was enough to bog down our
testing machine for a half an hour (production it was more like 5 minutes).
Other applications we run can have 30 simultaneous users (most we have at
any time currently) and it doesn't really affect the load on the machine.
You'll just need to test your situation out, looking at the CPU load, memory
usage, and bandwidth usage.  Once any of these gets to an uncomfortable
level (probably about 95% for the first 2, 80% for the last), is when you
will want to start looking at ways of adding more hardware, like load


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> Subject: how many visits can tomcat deal with
> hi
> how many visits can tomcat deal with at the same time? in 
> other words: on
> how many visit should i use load balancing to increase performance?
> how many hits (or visits) is your tomcat dealing with every day?
> greets
> bastian

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