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From "Cato, Christopher" <>
Subject RE: It worked - Can someone explain why?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 07:40:54 GMT
Take a look at your web.xml for the directory mappings.

The is merely a pointer to coreservlets/name.class i

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> From: Charles Webber []
> Sent: den 30 augusti 2001 03:36
> To:
> Subject: It worked - Can someone explain why?
> I am working through a book on servlets and JSPs.  JSPs and 
> beans are pretty
> easy, and I understand how things fit together  - still want 
> to work on some
> JDBC stuff, but that's later.
> In the meantime, I wrote a servlet as part of a package 
> called coreservlets.
> I finally went through the examples that came with Tomcat and 
> noticed in the
> source that it didn't use packages and figured out both how 
> to invoke my
> servlets and where to place the class file so that it would work.  The
> question is why it works this way - what is going on under the covers?
> I placed my servlet class file in a directory like
> $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/examples/WEB-INF/classes/coreservlets/nam
> e.class.  On
> the URL in my browser, I typed in the following:
> http://host/examples/servlet/ - and it worked!!!
> So the confusion I have is due to the fact that the directory 
> path names
> don't match where the servlet is located.  Can anyone explain 
> this?  I'm
> sure this is pretty straightforward - and if some document points this
> ut  - if you could point me to that I'll take it from there.
> Thanks.

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