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From Tim O'Neil <>
Subject Re: Trouble running a servlet
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 22:01:23 GMT
At 02:46 PM 8/15/2001, you wrote:
>   I'm trying to run Tomcat on W2K disconnected from
>the Internet.  In asking for help, I got one reply
>which said
>What solved the last of my disconnected-laptop
>issues (on Win98 at least)
>was adding a LOCALHOST entry in
>"c:\windows\hosts" (create it if needed):
> localhost
>Win98 looks here first before it tries accessing
>your configured DNS
>servers, which is when it would try to access the
>Unfortunately, my system already has hosts files and
>they all include 127.0.01 localhost.  Thanks.

No, it MUST be "", what you have there is
a typo. Also, there's only one file it should be in,
"hosts". Anything else is a mistake or a Microsoft
machination (LMHOSTS is not a traditional network config
file). If that's not working for you try addressing
your server as "" + your tomcat examples
dir, that will work.

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