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From Vincent Stoessel <>
Subject Re: Mozilla and Tomcat
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 03:56:43 GMT
One thing to remeber about the way Mozilla does "view source".
when you ask Mozilla to "view source" it wil pop up a new window and
then do a new GET request on that page. This can really screw you on a
page with posted data from a form submission. This differs from IE and
Netscape 4.x series. IE will actually show you the source of what you
have downloaded, Netscape will give you a useless (imho) message saying 
that "this page has posted data and cannot be viewed yadda yadda yadda"
while Mozilla will just send a brand new request to the webserver, 
losing all the preciuos variables you typed and selected in the previous 
page's form.

I love the 2001 08 26 mozilla nightly build btw.

John Baker wrote:

> Hello.
> Ever since the Mozilla builds between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 (and I mean all builds, 
> including 0.9.3), I have experienced some problems with redering Tomcat 
> generated pages. 
> If I change a jsp (I have reloadable on for development) then I will often 
> see just this when the page reloads:
> <html><body></body></html>
> If I keep pressing refresh. after four or five attempts the page will reload 
> properly. Now I assume this is something odd tomcat is doing, and Mozilla is 
> then getting confused, because this doesn't happen with any other website 
> I've visited.
> Any other Mozilla users seen this? Or have a solution?
> Cheers
> John Baler

Vincent Stoessel
Java Linux Apache Mysql Php (JLAMP) Engineer
(301) 362-1750 Mobile (410) 419-8588

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