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From Raimee <>
Subject Re: JDBCRealm - Catalina 4.0b7 + Apache(mod_webapp), NT4, Sun JDK1.3.1
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2001 21:41:30 GMT

"Craig R. McClanahan" wrote:

> > Can anyone confirm that JDBCRealm is indeed working
> > using the Apache mod_webapp Connector only (ie. no
> > http  standalone defined)?
> >
> > The credentials strings are null within JDBCRealm and
> > from the RequestDumperValve.
> >
> Note that you've installed RequestDumperValve inside the <Engine> element,
> which means it sees the request *before* the authentication logic
> (specific to each web app) has had the opportunity to get involved.
> Try checking what the authentication methods return from within an actual
> servlet or JSP page (or a Filter implementation of RequestDumperValve).
> Craig

If the RequestDumperValve intercepts at the <Engine> level, I would have expected
to see a more Global set of variables - including the raw header info directly
from mod_webapp -
than at the context level. By the time application code gets involved, these
fields should already be
initialized; since the pipeline that invokes the Realm classes isn't initialized,
the application can't get this

I'd like confirmation that somebody has this working.

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