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From Sasha Tartchinski <>
Subject Integratin apache with tomcat 4.0-b7 works!!
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 20:50:09 GMT
Hello, i have followed this step to integrate apache 1.3.20 with tomcat
4.0-b7. It works fine for me on
Debian(unstable) and RedHat Linux 7.1

Please reply and let me know if it worked.

1. Download apache.
2. Install apache.
3. Install apache with this option
--prefix=/usr/local/apache \

--enable-module=so \

                                                    make install
4. Dowload jakarta 4.0-b7
5. Install jakarta
6. Download webapp-module-1.0-tc40b7.src.tar.gz
7. cd webapp
8. rm -rf apr
9. in the same directory do    cvs -d login
                                               password: anoncvs
10.get this              cvs -d co -r APACHE_2_0_22 apr
11. run this     ./support/
12. and then run     ./configure
--with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs   (or where ever you installed
13    make
14     cp to apache/libexec
15     vi httpd.conf and add the following to the end
                     LoadModule webapp_module libexec/
                    WebAppConnection warpConnection warp localhost:8008
                    WebAppDeploy examples warpConnection /examples/
16.   Change ServerName to localhost in httpd.conf
17.   in server.xml  add defaultHost="localhost"
            so it looks like this
        <!-- Replace "localhost" with what your Apache "ServerName" is
set to -->
        <Engine className="org.apache.catalina.connector.warp.WarpEngine"

        name="Apache" defaultHost="localhost" debug="0"
19 start catalina
20 start apache
21 check http://localhost/examples/
22. it should work



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