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From Manfred Schäfer <>
Subject JSP - postService() or aequivalent ?
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 13:34:50 GMT

Our Application architecture requires that we enclose method calls (in a
JSP-File) with

// create Environment tied to the current Thread
try {
    ... do work ...
} catch {
    // Removes Environment

The environment is a object with manages e.g. the db-connection and
information about the current user. It is tied to the thread (using the
current thread as key in an hashtable).

We don't want to burden this on the developer (very error prone!), so
we're looking for a chance to do it transparent for him. Maybe this
could be done with an RequestInterceptor, but that is a tomcat-specific
solution, isn't it?

Any ideas ?

manfred schäfer

Manfred Schäfer
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