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From Denis Haskin <>
Subject Re: Internal Server Error on first couple requests
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 02:00:51 GMT
What exactly do you mean by 'startup'?

If you're using ajp, you must start Apache and Tomcat together, because 
of the persistent connections.  That is, if you shut down Tomcat, you 
have to shut down Apache also, and vice-versa.  This is documented...

Or do you mean to say that when you start both of them up like this, you 
get Internal Server Errors on the first few requests?  If so, does it 
matter how long after startup you try this?  I certainly find if I try 
to access Apache/Tomcat before Tomcat has finished loading, I can 
sometimes get that error.


Mike Tinnes wrote:

> We're using Tomcat 3.2.2 with Apache 1.3.20 and are experiencing 
> problems with jsp's not loading correctly on startup. The first couple 
> requests return back an 'Internal Server Error'  from Apache. After a 
> couple more hits it seems to come back. I've read where this may be 
> due to ajp connector sockets not being shutdown correctly, and if 
> tomcat is killed and immediately restarted the connector is not 
> immediately able to communicate. Has anyone else delt with this issue, 
> and if so any remedies?

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