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From John Miller <>
Subject RE: solaris mod_jk
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 01:14:59 GMT

Thanks Bryan,

I finally found it in after looking through
every other package.



At 05:25 PM 8/16/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Someone else noticed that too!!
>I thought I was exceptionally dumb, since almost nothing worked like the
>documentation said.
>As it turns out, the docs seem to be an obstacle course.
>I spent sooo many hours trying to figure that out.
>I ended up downloading every single tomcat until I found one that would
>ok, I've just been looking at my Sol7 system to see what I can show you, and
>guess what? I cleaned up every dist. except one tomcat, and it isn't the
>tomcat that I actually got the from.  So, I want to help you, but
>i've already covered my tracks.
>However, there is a dist that has it in it, it's sort of like hidden prize,
>you have to search a bunch of packages until you find where it's hiding.
>One hint though, try downloading only .tar.gz files, and stay away from the
>zip ones, I downloaded everything, and they seem to be different. One of the
>developers also told me to download .tar.gz too for some reason.
>What I think i did, is download the source, and look for afile called
> or something like that.(i used a lot of find commands)
>It's in a folder with lots of other build scripts. If you run it, with some
>modification, it should produce a for you. Then you can go back to
>the other dist(not-src), after you put in your apache/libexec dir,
>and start apache, go to tomcat/bin and run start and it might
>also make sure you include the correct conf file in apache. if you are not
>using any jserv, use mod_jk.conf-auto and rename it to mod_jk.conf-local or
>something, because tomcat creates its' conf files on every start, so if you
>change it, and then restart, you'll be in trouble. yeah, so uh, have fun.
>I'll check the list tomorrow , 
>hope this has been humorous, if not a little helpful.
>-----Original Message-----
>From: John Miller []
>Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 5:11 PM
>Subject: solaris mod_jk
>I've been trying to make a build of mod_jk for solaris 2.6 however the
>instructions at
> appear
>to be very wrong.  I downloaded the source but there is no /native/mod_jk
>directory.  Any help would be much appreciated.

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