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From "Navarro, Jose" <>
Subject RE: Need help with isapi_redirect.dll on W2KSP2/IIS5
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 07:57:25 GMT

I know, this my seem rather stupid, but I solved this problem removing the
ajp13 connector from the workers.list line in
TOMCAT_HOME/conf/ That is, the original file you get
includes a line like this:

worker.list=ajp12, ajp13

Just remove ", ajp13"

I did some other things; there they go:

1) In the same file ( I changed the default values for
workers.tomcat_home and workers.java_home to the actual paths pointing to
both packages.

2) Same file. Be sure that ps is \, not /

Can't remember anything else besides strictly following the directions given
in the howtos.

I'm not an expert, though. Perhaps there are many other solutions much
better than mine, but this one worked after three days of wrestling with the
howtos, web pages including any kind of hints and so on.

Hope it helps!


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