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From Raimee Stevens <>
Subject Problem with Authentication and Warp Connector
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 14:41:57 GMT
config: Apache 1.3.20 (Win32), Tomcat 4.0b7 (Catalina)

Problem: Unable to authenticate user against protected
URL when invoked using warp connector.

Reason: Warp Connector not passing user credentials.

For instance, a request for a resource under a 
protected context is accessed via the Apache
Warp Connector like this:

Result is that user is *never* authenticated.

A request for the same resource accessed via the
Stand-Alone connector honors the user credentials

Result is that a user *is* authenticated.

I have installed a RequestDumperValve under both 
Connectors in order to see what headers Catalina
receives. Under the standalone connector, the 
remoteUser header is initialized after the first
WWW-Authenticatd header is sent. Under the Warp
Connector, it is not (ie. remoteUser=null). 


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