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From ravishankar s <>
Subject Re: Out of environment space - help!
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2001 11:41:34 GMT
it's a classic win98 problem james...
all u have to is open a DOS window and... on the icon on the top left of the window
2.choose properties
3.choose the memory tab the initial environment space drop down box choose 4096
5.close the window and open a new window and presto tomcat should start again

On Wed, 29 August 2001, wrote:

> I'm trying to install Tomcat with PWS on Win98. The batch files keep
> informing me that I've ran out of environment space when they try to set
> I've tried getting rid of some environment settings in my autoexec.bat but
> even after reducing it right down to just my PATH, TOMCAT_HOME and JAVA_HOME
> I still get the error message "Out of environment space."
> What might this be??? I'm totally stuck. I didn't get these errors when I
> installed Tomcat before.
> Anyone know how to increase the amount of space I can use for my
> environment??
> ---
> James

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