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From Kevin HaleBoyes <>
Subject Re: Mozilla and Tomcat
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2001 19:40:26 GMT
I'm coming into this discussion a bit late but wanted to add my 2c.

I was running Tomcat/Catalina 4.0b6 with Mozilla 0.9.2 (on RedHat 7.1)
and life was good.  I "upgraded" to Mozilla 0.9.3 without any changes
to my application and started getting problems similar to what is being
discussed.  I would pound (ok, click firmly) on the reload button and
after several attempts, the page would load properly.  I'm afraid I don't
remember what page was displayed when it didn't work.

I tried restarting Tomcat and Mozilla in various combinations but it
didn't help.  I also recompiled my application and restarted Tomcat but
that didn't help either.

Once I got rid of 0.9.3 and reinstalled 0.9.2 life was good again.
I've since upgraded to Tomcat 4.0b7 and am staying with Mozilla 0.9.2
and life is still good.

My application is a (mostly, as in 99%) Model 2 JSP/servlet application
with several taglibs and beans running on the Oracle 9i database.  It isn't
a large application (and given that it is my first one of this sort, probably
not very well written) but it did show the problem.

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