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From Jim Seach <>
Subject Re: Are many people running Tomcat 4 in standalone mode?
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 03:26:55 GMT
I have been running Tomcat 3.2.x standalone on Windows NT for about six
months and have never had a problem.  Our applications are totally
dynamic except for a few image files, so I don't think Apache would

As far as reliability goes, at least on NT, it seems that using both
Apache and Tomcat together is less reliable as there is one more thing
to go wrong.  We have another server running this combination, and it
has had to be restarted at least twice, whereas the standalone just
works. (of course it could have been an NT problem ...)

As far as ease of use, count how many questions on this list are about
configuring Tomcat with Apache :-)

Hope this helps,


--- Jonathan Eric Miller <> wrote:
> I'm curious to know if there are a lot of people out there running
> Tomcat in
> standalone mode versus using it with Apache Web Server or some other
> Web
> server?
> Previously, I've been using it with Apache Web server on Solaris 8
> with
> mod_jk. However, as of version 4, it seems like it's pretty stable
> and it
> seems to be getting sufficiently robust. So, I'm planning on running
> it in
> standalone mode. Everything seems to be working fine.
> I'm wondering if using it with Apache Web Server really makes that
> much
> difference in terms of performance? My Web application isn't taking a
> massive amount of hits, so, I think I should be OK. I was just
> curious what
> others are doing.
> Jon

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