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From "A.L." <>
Subject Servlet/ Database Conenction Persists Question
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 16:06:37 GMT
    I have developed a servlet web application which
connects to a database to retrieve information.  I
noticed that if within my servlet I destroy the
connection to the database there is no way to
reconnect to the database .  In other words I need to
keep my connection to the database at all times that
tomcat is up.  My questions include:

 Is this correct that there is no way to reconnect to
the database?  If this is not correct, how does one
reconnect, and or reinitialize the servlet?
 Is keeping the persistent connection to the database
a heavy burden on tomcat?  In other words, is it o.k.
to design an application which never releases its
conenction to the database?

  I don't believe my question pertains specifically to
Tomcat, so I was wondering whether or not any of you
knew where there are list servers which deal with
servlets in general.

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