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From "Robert De Niro" <>
Subject Setting standalone Tomcat with ssl for https
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2001 15:28:37 GMT
I have installet Tomcat standalone for testing my jsp on my machine,
now I need Tomcat to support ssl for serving https request.
I am running Windows NT, and Tomcat is installed in C:\TOMCAT (TOMCAT_HOME=C:\TOMCAT)
I read the document
and the jGuru Faq
But it still doesn't work properly.

- I have installed the JSSE jars to the CLASSPATH
- I have edited the %java_home%\jre\lib\security\
I have added :
	<Connector className="org.apache.tomcat.service.PoolTcpConnector">
	<Parameter name="handler" value="org.apache.tomcat.service.http.HttpConnectionHandler"/>
	<Parameter name="port" value="8443"/>
	<Parameter name="socketFactory" value=""/>
	<Parameter name="keystore" value="/tomcat/conf/ct.cert.key" />
	<Parameter name="keypass" value="changeit"/>
	<Parameter name="clientAuth" value="true"/>

The trouble is that I have been given two files by my company:
- a certificate called "ct.pem"
- a rsa private key called "ct.cert.key"
I don't have more information about these.
I put these files in my C:\TOMCAT\CONF directory

- Then I think that the parameter named "keystore" may point on the wrong location, but as
I am with Windows NT I don't know if "/tomcat/conf/ct.cert.key" really points on my "ct.cert.key"
file in my C:\TOMCAT\CONF directory. (slash and backslash problem?)
- I don't know either what to do with my certificate "ct.pem"
- I don't know if I am right of using the parameter named "keypass" with a "changeit" value
- Finally, I don't know how can I test if it is not working for real, as if I put any URL
https://localhost/blablabla.../bla.jsp, it just goes on a blank page. If I can I access to
a page like "http://localhost/blablabla.../bla.jsp" which is NON secure (http), can I access
it when I just replace http by https ? Or do I have to install my jsp in another place?

Hey that's a lot of questions, but if you can help me clear these doubts, I'd be grateful,

thanks in advance!

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