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From SongDongsheng <>
Subject [X-server simulator] image resize
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Where can I download X-server simulator ?

And If I use XFree86,I have to login X-server for add host names to the list
allowed to make connections to the X server, is there somingthing simple method ?


>You can do this the the Java Advanced Imaging library. Beware though when
>running advanges imaging on a Unix box that does not have X installed. A bug
>in Java requires a connect to the X-server to be able to handle images. The
>workaround is to install a X-server simulator, called  Xvbf. This worked
>fine for me on a solaris box, uploaded images are scaled to a 'small' size
>and a big size and stored to be displayed later on.
>I have some sources that perform scaling (on-the-fly) which are available on
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>From: Reynir Hübner []
>Sent: 31 July 2001 17:13
>Subject: image resize
>this is probably a bit of topic...
>What would be the best way to resize images with servlet ?
>I have .jpgs and .gifs in files (not kept in database) and I need to
>create new files in different sizes from those images.
>Is anyone willing to give me a hint (or more :) on how to do it.

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