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From "Charles Williams" <>
Subject Re: Very OT for a lot of you put just asking.
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 08:25:08 GMT

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Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 1:36 PM
Subject: [apache-server] Very OT for a lot of you put just asking.

> OK, sorry if you feel this is WAY OT.
> I am wanting to compile a list of the best one-liner Linux commands out
> there.  So all you admins and users out there feel free to send me a copy
> your best one-liner commands with a brief explanation as to what they
> accomplish.
> It doesn't matter if it's for sendmail or procmail or ipchains or grep or
> whatever.  All commands will be sorted per usage and all credit will be
> given.
> The sooner that I can get a bunch together the sooner I will post them on
> site.  And again, sorry if this is way OT for you folks, but I am really
> curious as to what will show up.
> thanks,
> chuck

OK, last time cross posting. hehe. I promise.  I have added a link to my
site that will allow you to send in you Linux ONE-LINERS.  PLEASE USE THIS
LINK!  I have setup outlook to sort all the mail by the subject line and
thus make my life a bit easier.

OH, just so you know I have recieved over 500 replies until now.  Some are
funny as hell and not actually commands.  So I'm thinking about starting a
list for Linux ONE-LINER joke commands. hehe.

Anyways, thanks.  And the url is


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