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From Bekkali Hatim - Soamaï <>
Subject loadbalancing with tomcat 3.2 , just an explication !
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2001 10:28:34 GMT
hy all
i read the documentation :

i juste  want to know one thing :
i have two groups of servers ( redhat 6.2 and tomcat 3.2 ,apache 1.3.20 ) in 
the same network
Group A 
with 3 servers PC1 PC2 PC3
Group B
with 2 servers PC4 PC5
i want to make loadbalancing between PC 1 PC2 PC3 only
and loadbalancing between PC4 PC5 only 
1- It is possible ? and how ?how can i verify that the multiple tomcat 
connect between them ?
2-Loadbalancing preserve the session id ? if tomcat in PC2 created a 
jsessionid for a specifc web request , the next request from the same client 
will go to the same PC2 who have an opened sessionid for this client ?

Thank you 

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