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From "chris brown" <>
Subject Re: Beyond Tomcat 4..?
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 08:33:17 GMT
> Experimenting with the "new I/O" calls is certainly something I'm
> interested in exploring (along with performance tuning in general).  But
> the reality is that what actually gets added post-4.0 is based on what
> features people suggest, combined with what features people actually write
> code for.
> Are there particular things you're interested in seeing?
> Craig McClanahan

Improved performance is always welcome.  In general though, one of the main
attractions for myself with regards to Tomcat is that it's a very good
servlet engine, but doesn't try to go much further (no EJB container for
example).  I'd hate to see Tomcat "bloat up" ; that's where bugs and strange
issues can become less manageable.  Things like server-side includes for the
HTTP part of Tomcat aren't really useful to me ; I prefer to let Tomcat
handle the Java side of things, and let Apache do the rest.   I don't think
Tomcat should start trying to do things are beyond the scope of being a
servlet engine (although a *basic* HTTP server is good for initial setup).

One suggestion however: when deploying WAR files, it's a bit annoying to
have to fiddle with web.xml in the uncompressed files in order to modify
servlet init-params for example.  It would be good to allow an administrator
to have some (standardised?) mechanism to deploy a WAR file as a "black box"
and then override certain webapp params (from some sort of admin tool or
interface?) without touching the webapp itself.

-Chris Brown

PS: I'd love to code some of these bits and pieces myself, but I don't have
the time to implement quality code that doesn't upset other components.

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