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From <>
Subject Can't install Jakarta-Tomcat
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 22:21:02 GMT

I'm using Win98/PWS.

The TOMCAT_HOME/doc/iis-howto document says to add the registry key Filter
DLLs. But the key is just the directory, not the key in the key-value pair
in the string value for the key. So I have the key, "Filter DLLs" and a
string value pointing to the full path of my isapi_redirect.dll, which is
C:\jakarta\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\bin\isapi_redirect.dll. I have the string
value's key part as "jakarta." Is that right? ->
\Filter DLLs\
   (New String value which is:)
    jakarta      C:\jakarta\jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1\bin\isapi_redirect.dll

I get errors when trying to run the batch files. I get messages saying out
of environment memory = can't set TOMCAT_HOME or JAVA_HOME. How do I cure

Do I need to specify the port number in a URI when I type it in to fetch the
example contexts etc?

Where are the docs explaining what a context is?

Does anyone know off hand of any clear, easy to follow docs suitable for new
users on writing Java Servlets and Java Beans? Not programming in Java
itself, but what the hell they are, how they work, what they all have in
common (like constructors, get/set property methods, or whatever), etc. How
to use Java Beans in a JSP file with Tomcat? How to use Servlets? - I think
I remember seeing this somewhere. Oh yes. Very important to me. How can I
use my MySQL DB with Java Servlets/Beans? I have the mm.* mysql drivers, any
docs/tutorials on how to use JDBC especially how to use MySQL with Java?

The documentation seems to leave bits out, has bits of the installation
strewn across different files, and is generally not very well written. This
is very confusing for new users. It should be re-written, with just one
installation HTML file, which goes step by step through the whole
installation process. Once I get help for this I guess I could write the new
HOWTO for Win98/PWS.

Is the HOWTO correct for an apache-tomcat install on RedHat Linux? I'm not
sure if I even want to venture there. I usually just end up pulling my hair


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