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From "George Shafik" <>
Subject Redirection and Load Balancing
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 22:39:35 GMT
Hi All,

Current System Architecture
Apache : 3.17 (Custom Build)
Tomcat : 3.2.2 (Custom Build)
Deployment : war files.
Platform : Red Hat Linux 6.2

We are after a method to redirect based on a limit on the number of page
hits or the load on the current Web Server.

The redirection needs to be performed by Apache or Tomcat not by the web
page itself. Currently we are redirecting the user to another Web Server
from the current page as the page hits reach a certain limit or the load is
too much on the current box. A better way to conduct this is to redirect the
call to another Web Server at the Web Server or Servlet Engine level, in our
case that's Apache or Tomcat. Its not clear to us where in Apache or Tomcat
we can configure things based on page hits or load if its possible to do at

Many thanks in advance for any help in this area.

George Shafik

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