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From "Srinivas Reddy" <>
Subject Problem in Viewing .doc file in TOMCAT
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 22:24:01 GMT
i have a simple application running on Tomcat. I opened a browser and there
is an clickable link which is of type doc say

<a href="javascript:ClickView('/purejsp/servlet/FileView/test.doc')"> test

when i click test it opens up in a browser as plain text but i want browser
to open up in a word file.
Samething works fine if i use APACHE+TOMCAT.

then i though i need to set MIMETYPE for this in tomcat and  i added
following thing in to web.xml. (surprisingly there are entries for simple
html/htm/rtf ........ but there is no entry for doc)

but still  it is not working.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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