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From "Pawan" <>
Subject Re: please help!!! basic problem with tomcat 3.2.3 / win98
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2001 07:29:32 GMT
Am a new user in this mailing list.

This is what I am doing :
Storing data in Servlet Context and Page Context seperately.

1. Can I access page context from inside Servlets.

2. If i go for clustering of ServletEngine on a Single WebServer. WIll I
have mutiple copies of Servlet Context or a Single Copy shared by all.
    And the same for PageContext.

3. If I go clustering on different WebServers then what will be the case for
point 2 problem.

As I do to store data in a common place so that it can be accessed by All
Servlets as well JSP in case of  MultipleInstances of ServletEngine or if it
is a SingleInstance.


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