Hi -- I'm using tomcat 3.2.1 on redhat7.  I need xalan.jar and xerces.jar to handle XML/XSL: stuff in my servlets.
I realize that to do this, I must rename or remove jaxp.jar and parser.jar from my tomcat lib directory, or else I will
get a missing method.   I've done this with an NT system, as well as a redhat 6.x, and it works.
However, with this latest system, if I remove jaxp.jar and parser.jar from the tomcat lib,  tomcat WILL NOT START.
It seems like it needs to have those jar files.  If I include them,  then I get a noSuchMethodError with the
 method  'Node:getNamespaceOfNode()'  when I run my servlet.
What's wierd is that with my other systems, if jaxp.jar and parser.jar are there, the noSuchMethodError happens for
  getNamespaceURI(),  which is a different method.
Something is different with this system, but I don't know what. 
Has anyone seen this problem?