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From "Joseph A. Noble" <>
Subject Is my_mod_jk.conf Only Way
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 14:06:04 GMT

I'm trying to get Apache (1.3.20) and Tomcat (3.2.2) to recognize 
"similar" URL's.  By this I mean, get rid of the /servlet in the 
Apache mapping.  The only way I've found to do this is to copy mod_jk.
conf-auto to another file, I called it my_mod_jk.conf and change 
the JkMount lines.
For example, I changed:

   JkMount /admin/servlet/* ajp12
   JkMount /admin/*.jsp ajp12

   JkMount /admin/* ajp13

It works fine, except everything in the admin directory, even the 
html is served by Tomcat I believe.  Is there a better way?  What's 
the purpose of Apache in this case, unless I use unique subdirectories 
for static html files? Or is Apache picking up the html files?  How 
can I tell which one serves the html files with the /admin/* mapping?

Also, although I configured Tomcat's server.xml to recognize Ajpv13,
I noticed it was still using Ajpv12.  Why?

Any help would be much appreciated.

-joe- / /
  (303) 971-8780
B-24 Crew Registry

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