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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: Apache, mod jserv, shtml and Tomcat jsp
Date Sun, 22 Jul 2001 23:16:17 GMT

> - Tomcat as the jsp engine serving all jsp pages
sounds like you've already got that, albeit not in the typical manner

> - Apache as the shared webserver serving everything else including shtml
> files (ie. html with server side includes)
and I assume this is working as long as you dont need to include the
output from jsps?

> - Mod JServ using apj12 as the protocol for apache to talk to tomcat
have you been through the howto in the tomcat documentation?  

I can see what you're saying, and it all makes sense, and I also think
that it would probably be handled by getting mod_jk up and running.  Have
a read of the tomcat docs in the distribution that you have (what version
of tomcat and apache do you have btw?  I'm assuming 3.x and 1.3.x).  I
dont know a lot about the way apache handles shtmls but assume that it
will process a jsp if it is mounted using a JkMount.

so in short, see how you go with the howto in the docs and let us know (o:


> Unfortunately all the jsp pages are in the same document root as all the
> html images etc and all links are already set up so I can't just strip out
> the jsps, put them into a separate directory and set up a context for that
> directory.  I really need a solution that allows them to stay in place and
> have tomcat pick up jsps, while Apache picks up the rest.
> Currently I managed to achieve the following :-
> 1) Got apache to pass all files that end in *.jsp through to Tomcat by using
> a transparent rewrite rule (don't know how to do this using mod_jserv) using
> the following line
> RewriteRule ^/(.*jsp)$ http://myserver:8987/$1 [P]
> 2) Got server side includes that include static files only to work using the
> following lines
> Options Includes
> AddHandler server-parsed .html
> However the above will not work if the server side include is a reference to
> a jsp page.  The uncompiled jsp text will be inlined in the shtml file
> instead of doing what I want which is to have the jsp page be executed by
> tomcat and the results being inlined by the server side include
> Does anybody know the answer or have any ideas?
> Regards,
> Graeme.

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