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From Scott McCool <>
Subject suppress=true not working -- tomcat 3.2.1, apache
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:18:17 GMT

I'm trying to turn off directory listings, and searching archives found
that the solution is to set "suppress=true" in the StaticInterceptor
block.  I did this, and still see directory listings.  I've also tried on
a fresh install and have restarted servers/refreshed browser, etc.

The relevent block of my serer.xml is:

            debug="0" suppress="true"/>

which seems like it should work, but I definitely still see directory
listings.  I can manually edit mod_jk.conf-auto and remove the Indexes
line from Options and temporarily disable listings, but they reappear on

Any ideas?  I searched the archives and usenet archives and couldn't find
anything indicating that this solution didn't work....

Scott McCool

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