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From "Jerome Jacobsen" <>
Subject Tomcat JSPs with custom tags SLOW
Date Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:41:31 GMT
I develop using Oracle's Web-to-Go servlet container (comes with JDeveloper
3.2.3 IDE).  My production environment is Tomcat 3.2.  The production
environment always seemed just as quick or quicker than my development
environment concerning JSPs, until now.  I recently started to replace the
use of scriptlets with custom tags in my JSPs.  Web-to-Go is much faster
than Tomcat for the JSPs containing custom tags.  My app still has many JSPs
that do not contain custom tags and Tomcat is still as fast or faster than
Web-to-Go for those scriptlet pages.

Are there any performance coding/tuning tips for custom tag development and
usage with Tomcat?

Does Tomcat 4.0 have better performance with custom tags?


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