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Subject Re: locating web.xml
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2001 14:34:12 GMT

Does tomcat require a WEB-INF directory? I would like to replace the
\WEB-INF\classes    directory with simply:
and have my web.xml be in \servlet instead of \WEB-INF\classes

Is this possible?

Jason E. Brawner
Silenus Group
(248) 735-8077

                    Mattias Karlsvaerd                                                   
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                                             Subject:     Re: locating web.xml           
                    07/26/2001 10:27                                                     
                    Please respond to                                                    

You can read the "Developing Applications With Tomcat"
it discribes in steps how you could develop a
webapplication with Tomcat and how the directorytree
should look like. It's availible on tomcat's homepage.

The web.xml file should be placed in the WEB-INF dir
in your docbase dir.
You also have to define a context for your application
in server.xml. This file can be found in the tomcat
home dir in the conf dir.

--- wrote: > I have created a new
directory structure for my
> servlet and jsp's.
> Everything works ok except my servlet cannot find
> its web.xml file. How do
> I tell Tomcat (or the servlet) where it is?  I
> currently have it in the
> same directory as my servlet:
> C:\www\PSP\servlet\
> Thanks,
> Jason E. Brawner

/Mattias Karlsvärd

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