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From "Suresh Manne" <>
Subject probs in bean creation
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 16:58:36 GMT

I have few doubts on Apache_Tomcat Config..

I placed all my folders of "mysite" in htdocs folder,
I also placed my class files in htdocs by creating
 The class files are placed in exactly the same
package as mentioned in java file.

  When I call the bean in jsp by:

<jsp:useBean id="cs"
<jsp:setProperty name="cs" property="*"/>

I get the following Error:

Internal Servlet Error:

javax.servlet.ServletException:  Cannot create bean of
class my_classes_folder.my_class_file

I can find the servlets in tomcat\work

Can you help me out.

Thanks in advance,

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