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From "Anshul" <>
Subject Context mixing in tomcat.
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2001 04:32:21 GMT
This is a very major security concern.
I have created two contexts, ctx1 and ctx2. Both have different web.xmls.
They however share some of the servlets, which for now I have duplicated.
That means ServletA exists both in ctx1_HOME/WEB-INF/classes as well as
I have programmed ServletA, such that it reads the contexts and behaves
accordingly, let us say it shows up different border templates(html pages)
for two contexts. Now what I am seeing is that it mixes up the two, showing
border templates for ctx1 in ctx2. Now this should never happen.
I am quite confidant that this must have been taken care of by tomcat
developers and will be happy to know that I would made some blunders in my
configuration, but it worries me a lot.
And this thing doesn't happen very regularly. Just occasionally that the
contexts are mixed up.
Can any one please throw some light on this?????
I don't know but I feel this should concern all......

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