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From "Ben Parker" <>
Subject Nasty OutofMemory problem - possible reason: Cookie name path is a reserved token Exception?
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 19:52:55 GMT
We are facing a very persisitent and nasty OutofMemory problem and have
narrowed down the possible culprits


Linux 2.2.14 SMP
Tomcat 3.2.2 binary
JDK (Sun 1.3)
Apache 1.3.16 (with mod_usertrack for cookies)
mod_jk compiled from source (thanks to this list's archives, that helped the
99% CPU problem we had earlier!)


However much memory we throw at it, after a few hours, Tomcat gives up with
an OutofMemory Exception.

We gave the JVM 128, 256, 512 and today, 1024M RAM, and still it happens. In
server.xml, max_threads is set to 150, as is Apache's MaxClients.

There are rarely more than 85 httpd processes runnig, and 40 of those are
spares. So let's say 50 concurrent users is high for us.

Now, some earlier code used to use a cookie name "path" until we realised it
is not a good thing. Despite cleaning up whereever we can, we get several of
these errors on different pages, which seem to precipiate memory leaking or

2001-07-09 08:35:49 - Ctx( /site ): Exception in: R( /site +
/africa/index.jsp +
 null) - java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cookie name path is a reserved

We are sure the page is not requesting the cookie, but it is possible the
browser once had the cookie set in the past from earlier code.

THE QUESTION: How can we catch this error gracefully and stop it eating
memory? Does this sound like the lilkely culprit? We are also running Jive
1.2.4, in case anyone has found any problems with that. How can the cookie
make a problem if the page is not requesting it?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Ben Parker

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