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From "Alan Zaitchik" <>
Subject Cannot find my JavaBeans
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 13:25:40 GMT
I would like to create a directory tree under \webapps which is helpful for
delivering a course. So it should be
\webapps\student1, \webapps\student2, and so on, with each
\webapps\student-n having further subdirectories like chpt1, chpt2, etc, for
different projects. I want to keep everything distinct during the course so
that all jsp files and JavaBeans are separated by student and chapter. So
for the jsp files I would use
while for the beans I would have

(I know that this would make no sense for a real life site!)

My problem is that the jsp files cannot "find" the JavaBeans when they are
placed in this sort of tree. I am not sure whether the beans need to be in
packages, and how they should be referenced by the jsp files.
I get a message that says it could not compile the jsp file because it could
not find the bean, and it looks to me like it is assuming the bean is in a
package under the "chpt1" level, like chpt1.mybean.
But when I specified the package "chpt1" in each bean and in each useBean
tag, I still get errors.

If I raise everything "up" one level then there is no problem, but I would
like to have this tree as described.
What is the best way to do this, assuming that I need to create the tree as
described above?


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