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From "Barry" <>
Subject Trouble trying to port from JServ
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 06:36:19 GMT
Hi all,

I hope someone can help me with a problem. I'm sorry if this is a stupid
newbie question but I've been working on this for days with no success. I
have been through all the documentation too.

I am trying to port my web application from JServ to Tomcat/mod_jk and am
having trouble configuring Tomcat to use the same URL for servlets that I
used with JServ. Unfortunately changing the URL of my servlets is not an
option because hundreds of external sites already link to these URLs.

The URL I am currently using for all servlets is Unfortunately under Tomcat my
servlets only work at the URL
I think I've configured it correctly but it still won't work. I just see the
following from stdout:

2001-07-06 01:49:23 - Ctx( /int ): 404 R( /int + /MyServlet + null) null

Below are my conf files. I've tried several variations on them with no

I have the following settings in server.xml:
<Context path="/int"
    reloadable="true" >

/opt/dev/website/int is the directory that contains all my servlet classes.
It also contains WEB-INF/classes which is actually a symbolic link back to
/opt/dev/website/int. I am not using JSP.

web.xml contains the following:

I thought this should cause all files in /int to be handled by the invoker.

Finally mod_jk.conf contains the following:

Alias /int "/opt/dev/website/int"
<Directory "/opt/dev/website/int">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
JkMount /int/* ajp12
<Location "/int/WEB-INF/">
    AllowOverride None
    deny from all
<Location "/int/META-INF/">
    AllowOverride None
    deny from all

Under this configuration the URL
always returns 404 - Page not found. But returns the correct servlet

Sorry dump all these configuration files on you but I wanted to provide as
much info as possible. Can someone kindly explain how I can continue to use
the same url ( with Tomcat? What am I
doing wrong?

I am using Tomcat 3.2.2 and Apache 1.3.20.

Any and all replies are much appreciated.

Thank you,


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