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From Michael Petres <>
Subject Standalone configuration
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 22:05:46 GMT
I need some urgent help on this one! If anyone has the answer thanks in
advance ...

I am trying to configure Tomcat to act as a standalone HTTP server and to
serve up a html,gif, and jar files to the browser.
I have a servlet installed in 'webapps' under \servlet234. At some point the
servlet will write an html page to the requesting browser that contains
references to gif, jar, etc. files.

I am thinking of putting all these (static) files in the 'servlet234'
directory and configure Tomcat somehow to serve them up. So far I have not
been successful. To test it I am trying to access one of the static html
files using a URL such as 'http://server/servlet234/somefile.html'. When I
try to access any of these resources from a browser I get a 404 (page not
found) error.

Is there a way to do this? I would really like to avoid installing an HTTP
server just to serve up these static resources!

Michael Petres
 InnovObjX Corporation                                                                                  
 Tel: 905-729-2235 ext:61, Fax: 905-729-0754       

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