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From "Pancham Singh" <>
Subject Executing servlets out of WEB_INF directory
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2001 02:30:17 GMT
I have an existing aplication that does not use recommended WEB-INF =
directory structure. System CLASSPATH is set to include class(including
servlets) files of this particular application. I modified Tomcat's
"global" web.xml (under $TOMCAT_HOME/conf directory) file to include a
<servlet> tag for my servlet, similar to:

If I try to access MyServlet using =
http://localhost:8080/servlet/MyServlet (default servlet context, Ctx(
)), I get 404 response rom Tomcat. I expected that since the class file
for MyServlet is specified in CLASSPATH, InvokerServlet should be able
to find this class thru its parent System Class loader, but apparently
this is not the case. I also tried adding a context for my application
in server.xml and tried to access it from the defined context, but still got
the same 404 response from Tomcat. Can anyone please advise what I am doing
wrong and how can I invoke a servlet that is not in the recommended
directory structure (/WEB-INF/classes).

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