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From "Kalyan Mitra" <>
Subject Urgent : If u can help ; Prob. download a Power Point and Excel File From Tomcat
Date Sat, 21 Jul 2001 10:43:44 GMT

Whenever I download a file using Tomcat it works, except when I try to
download a Power Point and Excel document. Then the client side gets junk 
information, but it works fine with pdf and word file.

(I am using Linux as backend server, tomcat 4.0-b5

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I have also created a very simple Servlet to download a file. Works fine,
except again for Power Point and Excel documents.

Downloading Word documents from e.g.   work fine though, so it must be some 
servers-side thing. Can
anyone please help??

Kalyan Mitra

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