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From Giorgio Saviane <>
Subject Manual session management
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 09:06:20 GMT
	I'm using Tomcat with a telephone (interactive-voice-recognition)
client.This client communicates with the servlet via HTTP, and it all works
well, except for one thing. When I start a new session, Tomcat sends a
"Set-Cookie" and a "Set-Cookie2" response header, both containing the
"JSESSIONID=" parameter; the problem is, I can't manage to propagate the
session in my request, I mean, to make tomcat recognize my request as part
of the same session. With Allaire JRun, it was sufficient to pass the
parameter without changes in the GET query string, but I tried this way with
tomcat, and it doesn't work.
	How can I do it? Of course, my client doesn't support cookies, nor
is capable of an automatic URL-rewriting... the question is, how can I
'fake' it manually?
	Best regards,

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