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From "Suresh Krishna M (RBIN/DBA-JOT)" <>
Subject Help Please
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:53:18 GMT
Hello all,
            I am planning to use https: protocol for the secure
communication(i.e. when ever i use users name and password i need to switch
on to https and then to the http).
i am not able to find out how to use this.Do i have to do some Server
settings in the tomcat/apache.What i see is in the ( or that way
even ...) when ever they ask us to give user name and password
they send the form via HTTPS:// and then they revert back to HTTP:// .Please
give some help.
THANX in advance.

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With best regards,
M.S.Krishna (RBIN/DBA-JOT)
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