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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject VOTE: HTML in Messages and politeness (Was: Re: jdbc odbc bridge on linux)
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2001 14:42:01 GMT
Emir Alikadic (ADNOC IS&T) at wrote:
> What is rude was his posting on the list in format other than plain text.
> Read the list's FAQ if you don't understand.

I believe _I_ wrote that list FAQ.

> The number of fancy-formatted messages is on the rise and if we don't nip
> this in the bud, we may find ourselves in a position where folks who don't
> use the latest version of $MAILCLIENT are unable to read the messages.  I
> myself use MS Outlook 2000 but I have no right to assume what the others are
> using.  Hence the warning in the FAQ.
> This is not my first post on this topic and I'm afraid it won't be the last.
> I'm just trying to create awareness of the problem and I realise I sometimes
> have to resort to not-so-nice means to draw the subscribers' attention to
> it.  If I can convince one person not to use formatted messages on the list,
> I'll be a happy man.

Awareness is created by asking KINDLY "Can you please not post
HTML-formatted messages to the mailing list" more or less as you did on the
25th (even though I believe that the list of "offenders" is so ridiculous).

If you don't want to see HTML in messages, simply ask to get it removed by
the mailing list owner (whops ME!), as we did on several others...

> I don't claim to be an all-knowing guru, but what I do know I will not share
> with those who are arrogant enough not to respect the rules of the list
> they're asking for help from.

Ok then, try to be a little bit more polite and respectful or just shut up.

One thing I can ask to you guys is, do you want me to strip HTML out of your
messages and reject emails only with HTML content type? Plenary vote open
until 11:59 PM GMT of Monday 07/30/2001.

[ ] +1 -> Plain Text only. Strip HTML on the mailing list.
[ ]  0 -> I don't give a damn shit.
[ ] -1 -> You mad? I love HTML in messages and want to keep using it.

Thanks :)


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