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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject FW: Problems building mod_webapp on Solaris
Date Sat, 28 Jul 2001 18:22:41 GMT
As requested by Eryq... :)


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From: Eryq <>
Organization: ZeeGee Software Inc.
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 15:00:54 -0400
To: Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject: Re: Problems building mod_webapp on Solaris

Ok, I figured it out, but this took a lot of
detective work:

When I built Apache originally, it was with the
Sun C compiler.  Apparently, configure decided
that I couldn't build shared libraries.

Which meant that the "apxs" script, which gets
info from Makefile.tmpl, did not have the "ld"
command set:

    my $CFG_LD_SHLIB      = q();          # substituted via Makefile.tmpl

Which meant that the configuration of mod_webapp
had an empty value for APXS_LD_SHLIB in

Which meant that "libtool", when run, instead of
seeing the compilation command:

    ... gcc mod_webapp.lo ...


    ... mod_webapp.lo ...

and complained that mod_webapp.lo was not executable.
Tracking this down was no joy!!!  :-)

SOLUTION: reconfigure and rebuild everything with
gcc from the get-go, starting with Apache.  Make
sure the CFG_LD_SHLIB variable gets a sensible

SUGGESTIONS: Have your Makefile die horribly
if certian key variables like $CFG_LD_SHLIB
are empty.  Turn off libtool's --silent, or at
least make it a configuration option (the problems
become a lot easier to spot if you can see
what libtool is doing).

Please please post this to the appropriate mailing list
so that others can find it.  It's a VERY subtle build
problem, and if you've never used libtool or apxs,
you'll never spot it.

By the way, thank you for building/maintaining
such a useful product.  We are very excited about
moving to Catalina; it looks like it will simplify
our development *immensely*.  :-)

[P.S.  Is there any reason that ServerName is
required for Apache/Catalina WARP connectivity?
We have a load balancing system and, for various
reasons, have been running without ServerName until now].

WANTED:  Schrodinger's Cat.  Dead and/or Alive.

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