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From Philip Weaver <>
Subject Problem: Servlet Mappings & RequestDispatcher
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 07:09:00 GMT

Hello -

I'm trying to create servlet mappings for a servlet that I'd like to exist
at the TOP LEVEL of my webapp in Tomcat. You'd think that this task wouldn't
be a pain in the rear but I'm finding it to be so. If you know how to
configure web.xml and a servlet to handle this, please help. I'm about to
scream at the walls.

The entire goal that I'm pursuing is to provide login security for my web

I know how to create servlet mappings in web.xml and I basically know how to
use RequestDispatcher. However, I'm running into either of these two

    A. I end up with an entry servlet that is recursively called whenever I
call RequestDispatch.forward() based on the following web.xml setup. I
understand why this occurs, but how do I get around this and still have all
requests be handled by the entry mapping.


    B. The other problem I encounter is that sometimes when I request a
page, is that page is not found (404). I'm begining to think that it's
because the forward() method is relative to the requested URI which is
actually a freaking filename (?). Right? This is driving me nuts.

Can anyone point me to an example of a working setup that handles all
requests sent to the entire webapp (root level)? I had this working before
in Resin but can't get that same setup to work in Tomcat.


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