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From Pär-Joel Utsi <>
Subject problems with redirect after inserting post with form
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 08:15:09 GMT
Hello Tomcat users.

I am experiencing some weird problems with my web server setup when trying
to redirect after a plain form for posting data.

My system configuration is: 

Windows 2000 server 
IIS 5.0 
Jakarta Tomcat 3.2.2 
MS SQL 2000 
Avenir aveConnect JDBC-driver 2.4M (developer verison) 

I have built an "insert post" page in MM Dreaweaver Ultradev 4.0 with a
standard html form (texfields and a submitm button) and a jdbc connection.
After the submit button is activated and the form data is inserted (which
works great) I have added an jsp redirect command, and it is here the
weirdness starts.

The redirect function (
response.sendRedirect(response.encodeRedirectURL(MM_editRedirectUrl)); )
doesn't seem to work if the page contains a lot of html code. 

With only the form tags <body><form>...</form></body> the redirect-command
works just fine. 

But when nestling the form tag with tables and other formatting html code
the redirect seems to break down. After pressing the submit button, the URL
changes as it should and the new page is displayed, only BELOW parts of the
old (form) page. How much of the old page that is included after the
redirect-command is dependent on the amount of html code on the form page.

Does this make any sense at all? I have spent 3 days trying back and forth
with tomcat conf-files and IIS settings and so on, without any success. I
have added all the context tags and so on in the conf files. Running small
jsp pages works just fine. 

Best regards, PJ Utsi - Gothenburg Sweden 


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