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From Randy Layman <>
Subject RE: Tomcat And IIS: Suggestion
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 18:30:46 GMT

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> From: Steve []
> Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 2:58 PM
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> Subject: Tomcat And IIS: Suggestion
> Hi
> I've been trying to use your tomcat-iis-howto.html to 
> integrate IIS 5.0 
> on Win 2000 with Tomcat.
> I am in my second day and getting very frustrated.
> When I try to start tomcat the dos windows wiz by with error messages 
> that go by to fast for me to read them.  Windows 2000 no longer lets 
> user conviently set environmental memory via the properties tab.  You 
> now have to alter the config.sys file.  I can't restart the 
> machine and 
> I can't read the error msg that happens when I try to start tomcat.
In Win 2K you don't need to change the environment memory.  To see the
messages, instead of using the commands "startup" or "tomcat start", try
using "tomcat run" - this will start Tomcat in the DOS window that you are
currently in so that the message will stay around longer than Tomcat.

> How about modifying your bat files so people can read the 
> error messages?
Its already set up, you just need to know how to use them (or read them to
know how to use them)
> I would like to suggest that an install program for 
> integrating tomcat 
> with IIS be created.
I've tried, but there are three things that prevent problems:
1.  Can't distribute JDK, which makes Tomcat pretty useless
2.  Can't create virtual directories in IIS other than interactively
3.  Can't create filters in IIS other than interactively.

(If anyone knows of answers to 2 or 3 then please let me know, I'll gladly
build the installer, it will save me lots of time like right now).
> I would venture to say that a lot of people who do want to 
> use both IIS 
> and Tomcat are people like me:  intermediate ( or less ) 
> programmers ( 
> java ) who have a tight fisted corporate structure that will 
> not let my 
> buy an alternative to Tomcat at the "get go",  who know little about 
> windows, and less about IIS.
I think a better assessment would be that most are familiar with the
Microsoft way and deviations from the way in which Microsoft does things
causes people problems, even though they are better solutions.  Another
example would be the difficulty in getting Apache installed on Windows by
most people.

> IIS is a very prevalent web server. Tomcat is also prevalent. Many 
> people would like to use both of them together.
No, its a 30% market share server.  Apache is prevalent.  iPlanet is just

> If it was made easy, tomcat ___and java___ would proliferate 
> even faster
It is easy.  You just need to think outside of Microsoft's box.  Installing
Tomcat with IIS is no harder (and probably easier) than integrating Tomcat
and Apache, however there are almost twice as many questions about the IIS
process.  Many people from the Microsoft world of computers don't have the
ability to follow the configuration process since there isn't a one-click
GUI prompt me for everything solution.  And the reason that there isn't is
that IIS won't allow you to modify its configuration programmatically.  Go


PS Yes, we do use NT/IIS for 90% of our work.  It works well enough and I'm
not against Microsoft and IIS, but the culture produces sys admins and
developers who expect everything to be right in front of them in an Arial

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