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From Michael Wentzel <>
Subject RE: Request redirect
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 21:45:35 GMT
> I've been trying to find the answer to my question in mail 
> archieve, but
> failed, so, hope, someone could help me. The question is how 
> to make Tomcat
> redirect some requests to another program, lets say an HTTP 
> daemon, running
> on a separate (or the same) workstation (it would be a Java 
> application
> listening for HTTP connections). Tomcat might redirect HTTP 
> request based on
> practically anything - it's not very important for me - some 
> field in HTTP
> header, URL parameter value or just some particular URL. As 
> far as I know
> Apache server can do redirection of HTTP request to another 
> services based
> on URL string (that's what I saw in docs for Tomcat 4.0). And 
> as far as I
> remember Microsoft IIS can do that as well. So, what about 
> Tomcat? I guess
> server.xml file should be modified (<Connector> section?), 
> but nothing about
> such capability is written in the docs.

Do some research into RequestInterceptors.  They can be very handy.
You could also write a servlet for this but that would be using
a sledge hammer to swat a fly(so to speak).

Michael Wentzel
Software Developer
Software As We Think -

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